Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The jokes on YOU


Click here to check out the video:

In this video, presidential nominee, John Mccain jokes about killing the Iranians and, then goes on to say its a "joke". This man must be a blood cousin of our RETARDED PRESIDENT BUSH because, he can really say some crazy yet inappropriate things at the wrong time. He really needs to give it up because, America doesn't need a George Bush pt. 3 to bring us down even more than we are already. This man is so old and senile and, then he was a P.O.W during the Vietnam War. With that being said he proably still has some "unconscious psychological issues" going on in his mind and, proably have America in war with the whole world and, the never ending war in Iraq will continue to go on 7 more years as America suffers.

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