Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ding Dong The W I T C H is G O N E


Yes ! Yes ! Yes! Miss Jones and her crew of HATERS are now without a job. They talk so much sh*t about everybody and, now they will be standing in that u n e m p l o y m e n t line. The joke is now on them. The crew is always trying to put people down like for instance; One time Christina Milian was on the show and, they didn't like how she wouldn't answer to there asinine questions so they hung up on her. All because she didn't wanna discuss her legal matters with them. Also. there is a legal battle going on between Miss Jones and Wendy Williams which neither one of em ever discussed because, they are so busy worrying about other people lives and ruining reputations. The legal battle is about how Wendy Williams husband Kevin Hunter hired a hit man to kill Miss Jones, who is Wendy's archnemesis, these allegations where brought up by Wendy's former personal assitant. The personal assitant also has stated that Wendy's husband attempted to force himself on her multiple times.

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Kaleem said...

You are a kewl kat, and I enjoy reading your blogs and what not. Just had to let you know that Miss Jones is going to be on the air on a Philly station. Her team and her grind don't stop.....