Wednesday, July 30, 2008

College ... Here I Come

I have decided to go to Delgado Community College. At first I didn't want to go there because, I planned on going to Northwestern in Natchitoches, LA. I wanted to attend Northwestern because, there top ranked for broadcast journalism which is my major DUH. All the rest of the schools I applied for rejected me like Howard and Clark Atlanta. Ok, Howard I knew in the back of my head "Chase, DREAM ON " lol. I don't have a snowball chance in hell of getting in that Black Ivy League School. Clark Atlanta was where I wanted to go but; I received a rejection letter from them it seemed in a "MATTER OF SECONDS OF APPLYING". It was all my fault because, I shoulda been doing what I had to do instead Ichoose to make it hard on myself in the long run. Another thing that put the icing on the cake was my ACT score. I made a 15 on the ACT and a 7 out of 12 on the writing part with good comments. The ACT is not for me the first time I took it I made a 14; Second time I took it I made a 15. Third time ... WAIT there was not third time. i just finally gave up on that bullsh*t. I just couldn't get right. Well now since I'm going to Delgado I hope to get my "HOUSE IN ORDER" the 2nd time around. I'm taking the ACT residual exam August 6, 2008 at 9am. I'm taking it so I want have to take any remedials. So please keep me in your prayers lol I'M SERIOUS.

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