Wednesday, July 30, 2008

College ... Here I Come

I have decided to go to Delgado Community College. At first I didn't want to go there because, I planned on going to Northwestern in Natchitoches, LA. I wanted to attend Northwestern because, there top ranked for broadcast journalism which is my major DUH. All the rest of the schools I applied for rejected me like Howard and Clark Atlanta. Ok, Howard I knew in the back of my head "Chase, DREAM ON " lol. I don't have a snowball chance in hell of getting in that Black Ivy League School. Clark Atlanta was where I wanted to go but; I received a rejection letter from them it seemed in a "MATTER OF SECONDS OF APPLYING". It was all my fault because, I shoulda been doing what I had to do instead Ichoose to make it hard on myself in the long run. Another thing that put the icing on the cake was my ACT score. I made a 15 on the ACT and a 7 out of 12 on the writing part with good comments. The ACT is not for me the first time I took it I made a 14; Second time I took it I made a 15. Third time ... WAIT there was not third time. i just finally gave up on that bullsh*t. I just couldn't get right. Well now since I'm going to Delgado I hope to get my "HOUSE IN ORDER" the 2nd time around. I'm taking the ACT residual exam August 6, 2008 at 9am. I'm taking it so I want have to take any remedials. So please keep me in your prayers lol I'M SERIOUS.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apologizing for Slavery ... TOO LITTLE TOO LATE


Tuesday, The House of Representatives passed a resolution apologizing for slavery and, the Jim Crow area.

The nonbinding resolution, which passed on a voice vote, was introduced by Rep. Steve Cohen, a white lawmaker who represents a majority black district in Memphis, Tennessee.

While many states have apologized for slavery, it is first time a branch of the federal government has done so, an aide to Cohen said.

"In passing the resolution, the House also acknowledged the "injustice, cruelty, brutality and inhumanity of slavery and Jim Crow."

"Jim Crow," or Jim Crow laws, were state and local laws enacted mostly in the Southern and border states of the United States between the 1870s and 1965, when African Americans were denied the right to vote and other civil liberties and were legally segregated from whites. "

He later went on to say

"African-Americans continue to suffer from the consequences of slavery and Jim Crow -- long after both systems were formally abolished -- through enormous damage and loss, both tangible and intangible, including the loss of human dignity and liberty, the frustration of careers and professional lives, and the long-term loss of income and opportunity," the resolution states.

Congress has waited too long to be empathetic, apologetic, and sympathetic towards African Americans. Slavery was over 200 years ago and, you wanna apologize now; When we are still being enslaved but, this time there's no whips and chains. We are still being treated as second-class citizens. You ask WHY??? The reason why we are being treated as second-class citizens and slaves are because, RACISM is alive and well. Racism and Slavery fuel each other like "gas for a car" you can't have one with out the other. The effects of slavery and racism still lingers in our subconscious, conscious, and unconscious mind. The scars will never be healed with a simple half-hearted no- feeling- involved "I'm Sorry". Some may FORGIVE; While I will neither FORGIVE nor FORGET.

T-Pain's Album Cover

His new album is set to drop September 30th but, personally I don't like the album cover.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama Ohhhh Bama


Since Barack Obama has been the democratic nominee for president. He has been made into shirts, buttons, and etc but; Something I thought would never happen has came and, you wanna know what it is ... drumroll... a VOTE FOR OBAMA bounce song lol.

Check out the video:
T Hood & Hick Louch: Vote 4 Obama

Whitney & Ray-J ... What's Going ON?

Whitney Houston and Ray J were spotted together and, it seems like they are in a relationship by the looks of these pictures. Now, Whitney I don't want you to be on NO SEX TAPES, hooked and cracked out on drugs, and don't want RAY-J to be using you for money and/ or publicity since he is basically a NOBODY.







It's official Jay & Bey Married


Looks like a wedding band to me. So no more playing it off Beyonce' and Jay-Z I know and the world will now know yall are married.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trina and Kenyon's Car Accident

Last Friday Kenyon Martin and his rumored-to-be girlfriend Trina were involved in a car accident in Belize.


Here are some pictures from the accident:



Here's also a snipped of the interview with Kenyon, Trina and a witness on scene.

Raymond Marin, Witness
“As we were coming down from the airport trailing behind the vehicles we see the white car that Trina and Kenyon Martin were travelling in was cutting across and the same time a green van came and they hit each other and they went straight across and one of the children nearly came out of the vehicle because of the impact. It was very very hard and horrifying and hmmm, I still left stunned right now.”

But as stunning as it was, Trina got a few minutes later visibly shaken but told me she was unhurt.

Keith Swift,
Trina can you tell us anything about what you just experienced?

Trina, Involved in Accident
“It was just…I don’t know.”

She was embraced by Kenyon Martin who was also unhurt. The driver of the Excursion, J.A. Jex says he received a minor injury.

But the same couldn’t be said for George Abraham. He was driving the minivan with his 12 and 9 year old sons inside. The front side of his vehicle was crushed. His children 9 year old Johnny and 12 year Delane were hurt, and in the moments after the accident he was both angered and in anguish.

George Abraham, Involved in Accident
“I was on my right hand side and this vehicle overtake on this side. That guy was in the wrong in that vehicle. I was on my correct hand. Ahh my shoulder.”

Keith Swift,
Who were you with in the van?

George Abraham,
“My two little babies.”

Trina and Kenyon Martin left in another vehicle and so did their luggage. The Abrahams meanwhile were assisted by paramedics. 12 year old Delane was seriously hurt and had to be carried on a stretcher. Diane Finnegan is one of the organizers of the visit.

Is it Me?


But I'm not feeling this outfit Mr. Carter.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Amy Crackhouse.. I mean WINEHOUSE






Amy Winehouse.. I will offer you these words of advice because, you're a talented singer and, your cd rocks but, you need to get your "House in Order" because you're house has became a CRACKHOUSE lol. Jesus take the Wheel on this ONE.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Awwww The White House AIN'T READY


The Obamas are the headliners of the latest issue of People. It gives you a rare glimpse into there family life. I love this family. I can't wait until Barack is elected president

Shake it Fast lol


She shaking for her 15 seconds of fame lol. Jesus take the wheel and, never let go.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Khia's NEW VIDEO ... LOL

Khia is back at it again. This time it's not a blog and/or beef song about how she hates JANET, JERMAINE, T.I, JACKI-O, or her archnemesis TRINA. It's the debut of her new video "Be Your Lady". Ok, I know some people like "Man, khia back with another homeade ass video lol" because, I said the same thing but, Khia to me is good t.v. because, she stirs up as much drama as NEW YORK and, her other FOE "William Wendy"; I mean Wendy William's whose spot she says she wants to take because she is "dried up". Well Khia some people hate you but, I think you're funny ass hell and. deserve you're own show where I can laugh at your a*s all day. Sorry, but the video gets a 3 on a scale of 1-10

Call me NOW ... She's Back


Jesus Take The Wheel... Miss Cleo is BACK ... America's Favorite FAUX PSYCHIC is set to make her "comeback" of sorts back to television via the VH1's Surreal Life 7 which starts taping soon. No air date has been set but. in a my best "phoniest jamiacan accent" ... " CALL ME NOW". This will be some funny sh*t

Omarosa vs Wendy Williams at WAR

Controversy! Controversy! Controvery! Omarosa appeared on that man William Wendy Show I mean Wendy Williams' Show to promote her new book drum role.... "The Bitch Switch" and, then William went on to say "Omarosa's the angry black woman that white people don't approve of because of her business tactics or some bullsh*t but, it's all PURE COMEDY. CHECK IT OUT

Saturday, July 19, 2008



A 68-year-old Tampa woman was arrested today for forcing a severely mentally handicapped man to perform oral sex on her, police say.

Luella McAdoo is a longtime family friend of the victim, according to Tampa police spokeswoman Andrea Davis. On April 5, the man’s mother left him in McAdoo’s care while she ran errands. When she came home at about 6 p.m., she found her son performing oral sex on McAdoo. The woman told McAdoo to go home, then she called police because her son, 34, does not have the ability to make a decision about sex on his own, Davis said.

The investigation, Davis said, was particularly challenging because of the victim’s mental condition and inability to communicate verbally. After the detectives investigated, according to Davis, they direct filed the case with the State Attorney’s Office, who filed charges.
McAdoo was arrested at her 953 Chestnut St. W home this morning by Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office deputies on a Tampa police warrant, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. She was charged with lewd or lascivious battery on an elderly or severely disabled person and is being held at the Orient Road Jail on $7,500 bond, according to jail records.

First, this some sick sh*t but, that's already been established. She don't have no TEETH in her mouth and, looks like death on a soda cracker but, she wants to force a mentally disabled man to perform oral sex on her OLD, WRINKLED, DIRTY,CRUSTY, SICK self. Then like most pedophiles she was a FAMILY FRIEND. Sad, Sad,Sad have fun in jail GRANNY.

Yesterday on THE VIEW


click here to view the video:

Yesterday, on The View Whoppi and Elisabeth Hasselbeck got into a heated discussion over; The use of the N-Word.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck said
“We live in a world where pop culture uses that term and we’re trying to get to a place where we feel like we’re in the same place,” Elisabeth said. “How are we supposed to then…move forward if we keep using terms that bring back such pain?”

Whoppi responded by : “I can tell you how, here’s how we do it, you listen and say ‘Okay, this is how we’re using this word and this is why we do it,’ and you have to say, ‘I understand that, but let’s find a new way to move forward,’” Whoopi fired back.

“We don’t live in different worlds,” Elisabeth insisted, “We live in the same world.”
However, Whoopi fiercely disagreed with her co-host, saying, “We do live in different worlds, it's just that way. It is Elisabeth.”

My opinion on the matter is this Elisabeth you know nothing about the pain the N-Word brings back because, you're not an African American. You can "empathize" the pain but, you would never know the feeling of what african americans have gone and, are still going through even in 2008. If you haven't noticed racism is alive and well. We live in two different worlds because, we are still treated as second-class citizens and, still being enslaved except this time; we are being enslaved by our mind. Elisabeth, you may live in PLEASANTVILLE but, hey the rest of us are living in the REAL WORLD where it's hard, cruel and unjust.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mimi & Nick Cannon having fun with Mickey




Look at MiMi trying to relive her high school days; which were like 50 years ago i mean like 20 years ago lol. They have just came from the Bahamas and, decided to go to Disney World . Nick's favorite indoor ride is Space Mountain while Mimi's is Twillight Zone Tower of Terror. I hope they go somewhere because, right now I'm not feeling up they seem sooo FAKE no better yet COUNTERFEIT.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bentley Back


click here to check out the video:

The video stars Kanye, Andre 3000, SA-RA and of course Mr. Bentley. The video is really cool because, all my idols are in the video. So check it out its very interesting.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

She's Back


In case you haven't heard; The Queen of 90s Music, Brandy Norwood, is back this has been four years since her critically acclaimed album "Afrodisiac". She has a new look, new sound, and new album her single drops 08.08.08 and, I can't wait because I have always been a fan of her's. I really enjoyed the "Afrodisiac" album and, her albums prior to it's release. The only thing that I didn't like that Brandy did was pretend she was "Married". When "mad day" came the "marriage" was later exposed as not of LEGAL STATUS but, a "ruse" to protect Brandy's image that she didn't want to be tampered but, your fans like me would'nt have cared If you wasn't married but, " to each its own"

I still got L O V E for you B R A N D Y

Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Ups to Michelle Obama


Yesterday, it was announced that Michelle Obama will be inducted into Alpha Kappa Alpha Soroity inc. The ceremony is set to take place sometime this week; During the National Convention festivities in Washington, D.C. That is really what's up because, I like how Mrs.Obama, our future first lady, carries herself as a very sophisticated and intelligent woman.

Congrats to Mrs.Obama and the ladies at Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Congrats Angelina & Brad


This is my favorite Hollywood Couple because, they have done so much stuff for my city,New Orleans, with the rebuilding effort. If I ever get a chance to meet them I will give them all the accolades because, they truly deserve it. I admire them because, they adopt children from the poorest of countries and, take care of them and not only that ;They use there money and valuable time to not just give back to my community but, communities and places all over the world. They definitely believe in the motto "It is better to give than to receive" they're definitely doing positive things and, putting all good karma in the world but, before I forget.

Congratulations on your new bundles of joy: A boy, Knox Leon .a little over 5 lbs, and girl Vivienne Marcheline 5 lbs even. She had the twins Satuday July 12th, 2008 around 8pm. The twins were also delivered via C-Section and, you already know the first pics of the twins will proably go for around MILLIONS OF DOLLARS but, when Angelina had daughter Shiloh ,in 2006, she gave half of the money to CHARITY so she is not MONEY HUNGRY like the rest of Hollywood who basically PIMP THERE CHILDREN'S BABY PICS.

Happy Birthday Momma !


Happy Birthday to my Momma. I just wanted to let all my viewers know that this lady and my Grandma are examples of STRONG BLACK WOMAN and, may GOD continue to bless and cover them in your blood. Amen !

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears cover story with OK Magazine


So this week new teen mom Jamie Lynn Spears did a cover story with OK magazine and, talked about how much she loved motherhood but, did i forget she had to mention the $1 million payoff she received for the first pics of her baby. When she first came out and said she was pregnant Nickelodeon made a statement that they were going to " pull her show off the air" because, she wasn't being a "good example" to the young to pre-teen girls who watch her show but, later retracted and said "

"We respect Jamie Lynn's decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family and, our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn's well being"

.With that said Nickelodeon not only allowed for her to keep taping her show until she started "showing" signs of her pregnancy also they starting writing new episodes for the next season. If the shoe was on an African American's foot the actress would have recieved all kinds of bad publicity, Nickelodeon would have CANCELED the show, and the actress proably would be black listed for being a "teen parent who conceived a child out of WED-LOCK".

That's just the way of the world...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesse Jackson, Learn to Shut Up


Click here to watch the video:

The award for PLAYER HATER goes to.... Jesse Jackson... well in case you didn't know Messy Jesse made the dumbest comment while on "Fox News". He conviently whispered that he wanted to "cut Obama's nuts off". Messy Jesse if that was the case America should have cut your balls off when you made that "illegitimate child" on your wife. So you need to learn to practice what you preach. What is it with everybody drinking all this haterade? Lately I mean this Obama campaign is letting "jealousy rear it's ugly head" and is showing people's true characters. Messy Jesse it's time for your old ass to retire and, I always knew you was on Granddaddy McCain side.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Barackawear Oh YEAH


Check out the site if you're interested in a shirt:

I'm really feeling the "Barack is my homeboy" and " Barack the Vote shirts" because, he's the best candiate . Ok thats besides the point the creators of "Barack the Vote" T-Shirts are a pair of siblings who have taken there love, support, and devotion of Barack Obama definitely to a new horizon with a line of clothing and accesories.

The co-owner Lauren Broussard says the shirt were designed particular for:
"Voters that cherish and celebrate their passion for music, fashion, art, and culture and freedom".

The jokes on YOU


Click here to check out the video:

In this video, presidential nominee, John Mccain jokes about killing the Iranians and, then goes on to say its a "joke". This man must be a blood cousin of our RETARDED PRESIDENT BUSH because, he can really say some crazy yet inappropriate things at the wrong time. He really needs to give it up because, America doesn't need a George Bush pt. 3 to bring us down even more than we are already. This man is so old and senile and, then he was a P.O.W during the Vietnam War. With that being said he proably still has some "unconscious psychological issues" going on in his mind and, proably have America in war with the whole world and, the never ending war in Iraq will continue to go on 7 more years as America suffers.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Somethin Different for Me

Ok, so last weekend I went to the barber and got my haircut. That week before I had been debating on getting a design in my head and, I kept having an internal battle on whether to get it or not to get it. One side of me was saying "that's lame" while the other side said "Get it Chase". So I went to the barber and while I was getting my haircut I said " I'm getting this" like I always say "carpe diem which is latin for "seize the day" and, I did. Everywhere I go people are like "thats hot" or "man, that is really whats up". People both young and old love the design I have on the side of my head. Especially that sunday I went to church everybody was telling me how much they liked my hair. Well, this was the outcome of my haircut decision.


* If your interested in getting you a fire design like myself hit up my barber D-Nick @ Simply Divine on N. Broad between Palmyra and Banks St and check out his myspace page:

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Wind Beneath My Wing

Me & My Grandmother For Prom 08'

Some people idolize celebrities, superheroes, and etc. The person whom I admire is my Grandmother Althea Martin. You ask why is she my hero? She's my hero because, she overcame many obstacles like being a SINGLE BLACK PARENT struggling to make ends meet and, taking on minimum wage jobs just to stay afloat. She has always been there for me. For instance, in 2001 when my grandfather was in the hospital dying of brain tumors; I was in a play at summer camp and, all I had was three lines ,well due to the circumstances of my paw paw, I thought she wasn't gonna be able to come well I was proven wrong because all I heard was "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHASE" and I knew she was in the audience. She also went back to school at the age of 40 to go on and become a registered nurse. In 2000 at the age of 57 she received her Masters of Science in Nursing from University of Phoenix at Louisiana. She has shown me that you can rise above your surroundings and attain your true potential if you work hard towards your goals. You can truly do anything if you put your mind to it. She always tells me " Chase, don't ever give up". When I heard Kanye West's song "Hey Mama" it always makes me think of my "Grandmother" who is my mother in a sense because, she has nurtured, protected, and raised me up as if I was her child. People often laugh when I tell them I hang out with my grandma. I love hanging with my grandmother because, I am guaranteed to have fun. I'm writing this blog to let the whole world know that I'm proud not only to have you as my grandmother but, also as my best friend.
Love always,
Chase [Channel 4]

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ding Dong The W I T C H is G O N E


Yes ! Yes ! Yes! Miss Jones and her crew of HATERS are now without a job. They talk so much sh*t about everybody and, now they will be standing in that u n e m p l o y m e n t line. The joke is now on them. The crew is always trying to put people down like for instance; One time Christina Milian was on the show and, they didn't like how she wouldn't answer to there asinine questions so they hung up on her. All because she didn't wanna discuss her legal matters with them. Also. there is a legal battle going on between Miss Jones and Wendy Williams which neither one of em ever discussed because, they are so busy worrying about other people lives and ruining reputations. The legal battle is about how Wendy Williams husband Kevin Hunter hired a hit man to kill Miss Jones, who is Wendy's archnemesis, these allegations where brought up by Wendy's former personal assitant. The personal assitant also has stated that Wendy's husband attempted to force himself on her multiple times.