Tuesday, August 5, 2008

She's coming back.. I think?

According to her babies’ daddy, Lauryn Hill is gearing up to make a comeback:


Lauryn Hill is building up material for a major comeback after giving birth to her five kids - she has song ideas and lyrics scribbled all over her bathroom. The reclusive star’s longtime partner Rohan Marley reveals Hill is as prolific as anyone in the music business, and cannot stop writing lyrics and tunes while she’s on hiatus. He says, “She writes music in the bathroom, on toilet paper, on the wall. She writes it in the mirror if the mirror smokes up. “She writes constantly. This woman does not sleep.”

Lauryn get off whatever your on and; COME BACK AND GIVE US SOME REAL MUSCIC because; I'm tired of all this "meaningless sugary lollipop commerical bullsh*t". I listen to the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill everyday because; It takes me back to where music was really music and, not just about how much money you could profit from doing an album. Please let JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL and, get off that sh*t.

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