Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of College

My first day of college was pretty cool. I take a remedial math and english, college success skills and intro to theater. I know the "remedials" lol. I'm trying to test out of the english because . that's one subject I can say I'm really good at. College is definitely not like high school. No more hanging out in the halls, banging on lockers trying to run dat "b e a t", or cutting class. I have fianlly reached the REAL WORLD. This time I have to work hard because, I'm paying to go to school; Well Uncle Sam is lol. Alot of people I know is going there. Some of em I don't really f*ck with on dat level because, they're just FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. I'm not there for them so it really doesn't matter. I'm there to work towards getting my degree and making some real money.

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