Friday, June 20, 2008

Recap of High School


In High School I really had some good times in 9th grade like going off campus, playing in the halls, and cutting class. My 10th grade year was cut short by Hurricane Katrina but, in spite of Katrina's mishaps; I finished the rest of my 10th grade year at Eleanor Mcmain where I had lots of fun and met lots of new people and friends. 11th grade year my high school pre-katrina reopened and, I went back there it was very different from how it was before the storm. Our former principal Mr.Edwards was no longer the principal because, he was now residing in Alabama and, most of my friends and faculty were still displaced all over the United States but, in spite of all these trials and tribulatons I had another interesting yet kinda fun year. Senior Year finally came and it was surreal; It was as if my long awaited dream has finally turned into reality. Senior year was filled with your normal drama, mess, and rumors that flourished the halls daily. It always seemed like we could never get along because, this one doesnt like this one or something petty like that. The only thing we could ever do was talk about each other. I was so glad to be only there for four classes because, life is too short to be carrying those "slave mentalities of the past" but, in the end we all came together as one big dysfunctional family. As I look back on High School I will miss it but, I know that's a closed chapter for me anyway so know use "crying over spilled milk" or a "well gone dry".